Mike Spencer

Artist bio

I have worked in the arts off and on for most of my life. Upon becoming a Christian my work became exclusively about my faith and the inherent battle with it and the implications of it.


Every Hair


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

Every Hair is an embroidered piece that consists primarily of a field of white crosses each overlaid with a black dot symbolizing the sin of mankind. This field, representing the entire human creation, is spattered with the blood of Jesus who cleanses each and every one of this stain of sin.

How it fits into contest

This spiritual battle exists in perpetuity and it attacks each of us as we struggle beneath our individual burdens of sin. For some it overwhelms and keeps them from taking the blood of Jesus upon themselves. For others it spurs them on to drink freely of His forgiveness and to receive it in full. 'Every Hair' represents the entirety of this push and pull that all mankind faces as they work out their faith (or their lack of it).



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