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Idonaba zealous also known as zealpencil is a native of Edo state,Nigeria. Zealous started drawing at age 6 as far as he could remember, he practices with comics and cartoon drawing as a young child. He studied and graduated from high school at year 2021, after learning some skills , he decided to pursue his artistic career. His works are illustrations of his emotions, his society and his imagination. He is also specialized in portraits drawing.


Eyes of faith



Artist Statement

This is drawing of a focused eye on a black background see with a white circle .
If you take a closer look inside the eye balls you will see a woman holding a child if you look closer you can also see a man holding her hands too.
It significant is hope and faith.
Wanting to spend happy moments with his family yet the situation around makes it difficult,
Visualizing the future to survive the present.
It is a struggle everyday but conquer and survive we need our eyes of faith.

How it fits into contest

We are in a spiritual battle with things seen and unseen, so in order to fight and win we need faith. So did this drawing project on illustrating our eyes of faith.
Satan and his demon try hard daily to kill or weaken our faith, that's why we live in a dark and wicked world today and to see beyond the darkness we need an eye of Faith. I illustrated that with a dark shadow around my drawing project.
We humans are not perfect so we sometimes sin against God, so we pray to God daily asking for forgiveness just like our Lord's prayer.
This is shown by the imperfect white circle on my drawing project.
Our focus as a Christian is to be on God's blessings now and in the future. The gaze on my eye drawing is on the happiness(the eye stares on a happy family)that comes from wishing God and thoughts conquering the devil and his forces.

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