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Emily Margaret was born and raised in a rugged, snowy lumber town in northern British Columbia, and now lives in Edmonton. The rural untamed landscapes of northern Canada, nostalgic childhood memories, language and dreams are all endless wells that influence her work. She aims to express the wonder and mystery of life through her semi-abstract paintings. She studied Art and Linguistics at Trinity Western University before pursuing art full-time. Many of her works embed historical linguistic research and poetry into the surface of the canvas. She exhaustively collects ideas through conversation with people, by asking questions, and grappling with ambiguity. Emily's desire to communicate hope and joy is richly expressed in her bold use of colour. Her background in linguistics and experience as a youth support worker inspire themes on the wonder of communication and the value of life. Her love of the Canadian wilderness is evident in her sometimes wild and loose brushwork. Somewhere in between representational and entirely abstract there is a delightful sense of possibility... and it's this partially-described place where the wonder of the viewer comes into play to decipher the unknown.


Daily Battles



Artist Statement

Daily Battles is a 36 by 48 inch abstract piece made with acrylic, oil stick, graphite, and acrylic marker on canvas. It began with a layer of gestural sketches of faces, feet, and hands -parts of the body that represent speaking and praying, standing and walking, and holding and protecting. Next was overlapping marker drawings of the human torso (within are the heart, the gut) -the part of the body representing life and emotion and vulnerability. I washed over all of this with an initial warm tone. I then painted the eyes and sculpted the faces with all kinds of flesh tones. I scratched the surface and scrubbed the faces with water and smudged the feet and hands into a blur. It dried and I scratched it more, peeling back the layers and uncovering some of the very first marks. I fought to find clarity and battled with the surface of the canvas. Next I chose vibrant high-key yellows, blues, pinks, (the primary triune three representing the Holy Trinity) and washed them over the mess of flesh-blurred markings. The acrylic marker I used boldly to draw a line pattern of turning points -these represent decisions and turning points in the lives of each and every person. I continued to layer the triune three colours and these layers and layers of decisions in an overlapping mesh or web, that can appear either messy or intricate...or both? The feet, hands, faces, and torsos of the human body are meant to symbolize humanity. The three high-key primary colours washed over this surface represents the sanctifying power and ability of the Trinity to wash over our body and soul. The web of turning points represent the decisions that make up our journey in life and how we respond ultimately to God's leading.

How it fits into contest

In the initial layers of Daily Battles I drew feet (the feet that stand strong in the Lord, stand their ground against the day of evil, and stand ready because of the gospel of peace) and hands (the hands that take up the shield of faith, and wield the sword of the Spirit) and faces (upon which the helmet of salvation is placed)...Over this conglomerate of the body I washed the three primary colours -representing the Father , the Son, and the Holy Spirit out of which everything that is has it's being. I then layered bold line work in a web of turning points that symbolize the path of life and spiritual obedience to God's leadership. It's bold and it's exciting and it's ongoing. Praise God!

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Daily Battles is $2500. Email Emily at or visit her website and click on the "For Inquiries Click Here" button.

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