Artist bio

I am a 20 year old artist from South Africa, working in sculpture, installation, drawing, painting and photography. Recent themes that I deal with in my works are based on spirituality and how my Faith plays a major role in helping me understand life and the different elements thereof. Many of my works are inspired by forms and textures found in nature, but I also draw inspiration from scripture.





Artist Statement

Ascension is a welded steel sculpture that centers around the idea of cognitive equilibrium and spirituality to experience this equilibrium. Cognitive equilibrium can be defined as the balance between one's mental schemata and the environment. This balance, which refers to a perfect understanding of our world, is almost impossible to experience without a form of spirituality activated by faith.

The work draws inspiration from Luke 24:50-53 which refers to the Ascension of Jesus. By using ascending or floating rock imagery to create a sculpture, spirituality and the aforementioned scripture are brought into tactile existence. The use of rock imagery speaks to stability and trust in my Faith which helps me experience a level of cognitive equilibrium.

The work refers to Psalm 18:2 which speaks about The Lord as "my rock", my shield, and my stronghold. By mimicking the form and textures of rocks with metal, the work speaks about the action of trying to mimic Jesus. The contemporary, manufactured steel elements resemble modern ideas and understandings that are shaped and changed to experience spirituality in today's world.

How it fits into contest

The artwork, Ascension, is grounded in the experience of spirituality in a contemporary world. Ephesians 6:10-20 speaks about the spiritual battles that we face and how we should prepare for these battles. My artwork speaks about cognition and our environments which refer to the battles in the mind that are caused by spiritual battles. By knowing God as our Rock and stronghold, we can overcome these battles and ascend above the world's troubles.

Our Faith becomes a source of stability once we dress ourselves in the armor of God. On a literal, tactile level, the armor elements, such as the belt, shield, and sword, are made from materials found in the earth and rocks. In this way, the artwork links rocks to Jesus, then to armor and finally to the spiritual, protective qualities of the armor of God.

How to Purchase this Artwork

Price: $2 750 (Excludes shipping cost)

The sale would be facilitated privately. Email me at or to start the process.

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

I do commissions for clients in mediums that include, but are not limited to, the following: sculpture, painting, pen and charcoal and digital works.

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