Femi Ikotun

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My art work explores the struggle we face daily as human.




Mixed Media

Artist Statement

My art work explores the struggles we face daily as human beings, in this manner I am able to capture the continuous battle we fight within our minds; and the way we show it on our facial expressions. As human beings, we daily get so emotional based on the struggles that come our way, and we try to express it for comfort from loved ones to keep ourselves moving in the journey of life.

How it fits into contest

My drawing captures the frustration we show as human during our season of spiritual battle, in this manner am able to relate with people based on the face expression we are likely to show when we don't understand the level of spiritual attack.


The model

How to Purchase this Artwork

you can purchase my drawing Title frustration by sending me an email on:
Material: Pencil and Charcoal

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Full time Portrait Artist

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