Sarah Ridley

Artist bio

I am a 25-year old artist and writer based in Cleveland, Ohio.


The fight for peace


Digital Art

Artist Statement

My artwork weaves together the figurative and representational and abstract. I use symbology and animals to convey messages about connection with nature and spirituality, and frequently include human figures to clearly invoke emotional resonance.

How it fits into contest

I interpreted the scripture literally, but added my own connection to it. The figure is a self-portrait—me as a knight preparing for the Spiritual Battle fighting for God. The figure holds the shield of faith, is dressed in the breastplate of righteousness, and has the sword of Spirit, the Bible. I really see the battle as a fight for peace and light and love, and also a journey of moving through this world. I wanted the figure in nature to represent being on Earth, and being surrounded by light to show that God is always with you in battle. The doves represent peace and messages from God, which the figure will deliver.

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