Lorelei Pryor

Artist bio

My name is Lorelei Pryor, I'm a 20-year old college student studying studio art at Messiah University a Christian college in Pennsylvania. I love creating art and using it as a way to share my faith.


The Battle Within


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

I have had a very rough two years, I started college during the pandemic. And since starting college I have lost eleven family members and friends to cancer. This artwork I have created from charcoal and Conte crayons and pastels is a self-portrait in reflection of these past years and my relationship with God as my shield. Because despite all the suffering I have faced I still have my faith that I can draw support from.

How it fits into contest

Despite facing highs and lows throughout life, my faith will always hold true. The three faces represent the joy, anger, and sadness that come with my life (from left to right). While the flowers represent God surrounding me through it all. The flowers are symbolic of "the shield of faith" protecting me as I pass through this life. It is important to note that I chose to include the different self-portraits and their expressions to show that God is with me through all these stages. He is my shield in times of trial (anger & sadness) but also my comfort in times of joy. This self-portrait is supposed to symbolize the ever-present armor of God that surrounds me always; and I hope to have shown this symbolically through the flowers surrounding all three faces.

How to Purchase this Artwork

inquire fore purchase from Lorelei Pryor at for $3000

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