Ikyo Bailey

Artist bio

Photographer in the greater new york area that focuses on skin tones and textures in my art while aiming to recreate the feeling of magic, power, and passion





Artist Statement

This Series is a recreation of a dream of power and the changes that come with obtaining new power. It entangles a person and forces them to find the new version of themselves as that power grows.

How it fits into contest

The work entered shows a wrapping around of red and white materials used to show the contrast between what is foreign and what is familiar. The entanglement of that material around the model as well as her interactions with the ribbon vs the tulle shows her initial conflict with this new power as she fights to keep herself seen and coming to a co existing middle ground.


Makeup Artist: Angela Mobley (@enhancedbyang_llc)
Model: Ashley White (@pocket_lion_)
Studio: Become Media Studio (

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I shoot mostly for fashion and design, as well an open form of creative work.
This can be found on my website

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