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Venezuelan born Artist (1963). Holder of a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Central University of Venezuela. He served for several years as Director of Culture of his hometown and taught at training workshops in fine arts all around Venezuela. He performed specialized studies in Spain (Fresco Painting Techniques, Restoration of Paintings on Canvas, Stained Glass and Grisailles) and frequented the atelier of the great Venezuelan master Abdón Romero. In 2010, Aldo Muzzarelli has participated in individual and group exhibitions in Venezuela, The United States, Spain, and Italy; earning awards and recognition. He currently resides in Mauldin, South Carolina, and divides his time and work between Venezuela, The United States and Spain


The shield is me!


Mixed Media

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A young woman protects herself from a strange rain with an umbrella. Her serene expression denotes the assurance that calm will soon come.
If your faith in God and your formation as a Christian is solid, you don't have to fear, just apply biblical principles to your daily life.

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According Ephesians 6: 10-20, we must prepare for a battle, but not for a physical but for a spiritual battle. A battle against evil and that could only be achieved by being attentive and putting into practice all the knowledge that we can find in the word of God.


Thanks to my dear friend and former coworker Witney for posing for this artwork.

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