Kim Makonnen

Artist bio

Self-taught artist and I’ve been drawing since I was a teenager. Art is therapeutic and I love it.


Angel of Light


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

Angels are messengers from God and their purpose is to protect believers. They also praise and worship God in the same way that we are free to do so.

How it fits into contest

Esphesians 6:10 is about the full armour of God and how we fight in spiritual warfare against darkness instead of the flesh. In order to be protected we must have a deep relationship with God in prayer. Angels are sent to earth and in heaven to protect us. When miracles occur some of us know that it had to be a divine intervention.

How to Purchase this Artwork

$15 is the cost and I can be emailed at deanxarts@gmail, @deanxarts on Facebook, cash app ID: $KimberlyMakonnen, Venmo ID: Kim-Makonnen

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