Elise Grindle

Artist bio

Elise Grindle creates Digital Fantasy Collages & Occult Art that portrays abstract, spiritual and metaphysical ideas. Her collages and art is inspired by life, the human soul, and humanity’s expansion through our relationship with: ourselves, the source, the earth, the cosmos, and all things that exist in the universe.


“Fearlessly in the Armor of God”



Artist Statement

“Fearlessly in the Armor of God” is a digital art piece representative of the spiritual battle against evil and our faith's ability to protect our soul from the dark forces. This piece signifies and represents the power that faith can provide as a result of standing strong in your, beliefs and in your convictions about God. That your faith in God will provide you with the equipment you need to triumph any evil that may arise.

In this piece, the subject is preparing for the spiritual battle by donning the “full armor of God” in the sense that her preparations include putting her faith in God. While our battles are no longer characterized through chainmail armor adorned by the Heroin in this piece, all the lord's children today battle with evils both seen and unseen and encounter moments that attempt to erode our faith in humanity, in love, in each other, in ourselves and in God.

“Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground” “against the devil’s schemes.”

How it fits into contest

Combining both the literal and figurative aspects of Ephesians 6:10-20, the image depicts a soul in a battle against the spiritual forces of evil, standing firm in the faith through the battle against the powers of the dark world.

Cloaked in God's Armor, the heroine stands erect and strong, against the struggles created by the devil's schemes. Cross in hand, the luminary knight, prays over a bible to invoke God's armor. The “Helmet of Salvation” and the “Sword of the Spirit” are represented by her faith as she reads bible passages and prays to summon and invoke God's love and protection through prayer.

While flaming arrow projects through the air heading towards her armors breastplate of righteousness, she unwaveringly and fearlessly stands eyes closed, deep in faith against the evil forces coming her way.

Representative of heavens power and protection, she is surrounded by angles and the clouds of the heavens above. From behind the ether of heaven's warm glow of golden light rises upon her, just as her faith rises in her soul as she prays in front of a church built on the rocks of the earth. (inspired by the Matthew 16:18)

How to Purchase this Artwork

All Image available for print on requests. The price depends on the size and medium requested. Please inquires visit or email Elise@mindfulmediamanagement

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

Elise Grindle creates custom commission digital art pieces and well as unique original art available for licensing. To view her portfolio or purchase her work please visit

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