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A mom a perfectly imperfect human being trying to be what she can be ..


Arcyclic, Collage



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My art is my depicition of my strength to hold on to and revel in the joy of the lord. I truly believe that he gave us a little thing called hope called faith because he knew we would be at war with ourselves everyday and we would be tested to give up our inner belief..Our spiritual existence will be questioned by the turmoil by the day to day affairs of the human heart..but armed with that little thing called hope.. faith...we can claw our way through the fallen debris and look towards him and rejoice in his strength in his warmth and hold our ground against the raging wars inside a d outside our souls.

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The topic is Spiritual War.. the war that each of us has going withing ourselves.. We are constantly the bad the evil . TEMPTATIONS run amuck creating an restless human..feeling with the intrusions of all kinds of gizmo inventions..and with social media playing wrecker..the carnage is ever more so evident...the Turmoil is well depicted in my art..the torn pages are the influences that cause a jagged effect on out lives..the words hope. faith that lay embedded all my strength that help me fight the battle of faith..keep my promise in the lord..Raise my hand in his praise and let my vain desire fall as I rejoice in his name.


My Daughter's without whom I would be lost at sea..!!!!

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$1000.,check in my name

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Other painting, email .

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