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Julio César Gómez Guerrero is a Peruvian artist who lives and works in Lima Peru. From artisan parents, his childhood and adolescence were linked to the chores of the home workshop and popular art fairs. He studied drawing and painting at the School of Fine Arts in Lima graduating with honors in 1998, since then he has participated in exhibitions in Peru and abroad, achieving awards and recognition. His layered and sgraffito painting has been evolving from a costumbrista naif to an expanded painting. Gómez explores the Andean - Pacific coastal landscape with brushes and finds "treasures" such as myths, childhood memories, literature, comics, etc. with which he connects ends for a singular work.


A warrior of steel



Artist Statement

This work is part of a series of intuitive paintings inspired by the Peruvian Andean coast. There is an allusion to a battle against superior forces: waves, rivers, fire, and in which precarious coffins have everything to lose. Next to the volcano, a lurking asphalt path symbolizes the mundane. In the center an unexpected and winding path that comes from the clouds in allusion to the heavenly regions (inspired by Jacob's ladder). Finally, a carefree demon in the form of a saurian and a warrior* in the armor of God awaits you.

*Shortly after finishing the work I wasn't sure whether to paint a warrior, and that's when I remembered this metal warrior from my childhood (Mattel's Dungeons & Dragons piece) who intelligently fought against an invisible dragon.

How it fits into contest

I wanted to represent a spiritual battle in which ordinary people (empty coffins) can be easy prey for the enemy and be dragged to death by their problems: loneliness, depression, violence, etc. The metal warrior represents the Christian or believer who can become an invincible piece in God's plan of salvation for which he will have to wear the WHOLE armor of God.


My mother.

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Contact at I live in Lima, Peru.

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I accept painting and fine art commissions. Some of the artwork displayed on my website is available for sale.

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