Jami Campbell

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Lover of creativity, art and exploration. As a non-traditional learner art has been my connection to the world and knowledge. I am an adopted member of the Klukwan Village, second generation Maltase American and Beloved Daughter of God


The Cross is Greater than the High’s and Low’s


Digital Art

Artist Statement

Life is a woven intersection of highs, lows, joy, scuffles, vigor, surrender, and brokenness. It is in surrendering to the love of God that the Holy Spirit weaves reconciliation through our hearts and lives. This is a woven pace in the Chilkat technique made with cotton twine and leather.

How it fits into contest

The cross (t) brings a gospel of peace that is greater (>) than the highs (^) and lows (v) of this life. I might forget that I am completely dependent on God. But when I give in and believe that God is infect God. The battle is not about my strength or ability or valor. It is about God's Love clothing me.


Recognition to the Tlingit village of Klukwan its Master Weavers, community members, and its Chilkat Weaving heritage. Recognition to the men and women, who learn, practice, and pass on this weaving technique. Thank you for the time spent waving together. Thank you Karlie Spud for the small Weaving Loom/coat hanger used to make this weaving. Book’s; The Chilkat Dancing Blanket by Cheryl Samuel, and Ravenstail A Beginning Project by Marcia Stier, Kay Parker, Mary Lou King and Marguerite Fiorella. The form and material are non-traditional, no native stories are represented. I wanted to practice the art form thought to me by my adopted community and celebrate their faith in God.

How to Purchase this Artwork

This will be given as a gift to a tribal member of the Klukwan Village.

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