Artist bio

I am Chinmoy Biswas from Kolkata, India. A school teacher by profession photography is my passion. I spend my leisure hours with my camera. Like to capture nature and human life. Dream to create a world of photography of my own.




Digital Art

Artist Statement

This photo story is about 'all souls' day', when people pray to God for the peace of the passed away souls of their own people and relatives. They light up candles in the cemetery and pray to God for hours after hours. Prayer starts in the early afternoon and stay till midnight. This way people find spiritual happiness.

How it fits into contest

This photo story shows that we believe in God . We believe in Jesus. So, on 'all souls' day' we pray to God and we pray to Jesus for our own people and relatives who are not with us. But we believe their souls will be in peace if we pray to God for the peace of their souls. This is only possible for our spiritual belief.

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