Logan Beasley

Artist bio

Logan Beasley was born in Howard county, Maryland. She is currently attending Liberty University working towards her BFA. Beasley predominantly works in Graphic Design, But also paints. Because being happy everyday is supposed to be the “norm” although no one can be happy all the time; she strives to make art that connects to a wide variety of people, art that normalizes every emotion and touches on everyday trials.


Belligerent War



Artist Statement

My current work deals with different emotions going through trials and experiences. In this new piece, I chose to use the same approach and tell a story with a painting on canvas. The golden yellow representing the armor with the warmth and depth of gods protection that people wear going into battle with. But there's a splash of red towards the bottom to remind the viewer that we are still only human, although we are wrapped and protected by God and his power we are all made of blood and flesh. On the other side of this was is the evil, rulers, and authorities represented by the dark black and blue hues. In the painting, both sides are clashing and fighting. The painting also has a grid wrapping around the whole piece, the grid symbolizes the battles and wars that we can and cannot see.

How it fits into contest

Responding to Ephesians 6:10-20, The theme of my painting is war. I chose this theme because when I read the New Testament, the Letter to Ephesians made a huge impact on me when (in Ephesians 6:10-20) it talked about standing your ground with the armor of God and the struggle against rulers, authorities, and evil. To me, this verse is telling me that I have to fight for what I believe in, and what makes me whole with everything I have and the protection (armor) of god.


Logan Beasley- Artist

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Type of work: a unique original
Purchase price: $500

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