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Stefani Timmerman is a country music singer/songwriter and visual artist from the rural coast of SC. Also a public school art teacher, she incorporates music into her art curriculum and started a guitar/songwriting program in her hometown school. A wife and mother of a high school junior and college senior, she is an active member of her small community country church, singing old fashioned spiritual hymns with a trio of unplugged musicians during service time. Stefani brings low cost Christian themed painting workshops to many South Carolina youth and bible study programs. She also enjoys writing music and collaborating with fellow singer/songwriters in various venues throughout her town. You can find some of her work on Reverbnation. She hopes to produce her first album this summer in a professional studio as funding allows.


Armour for Survival

Artist Statement

This work started out as an actual painting to teach to school and church groups about sea turtle rescue and preservation. This work took on three compositions during its creation. The original painting looked much different then this one, and it was painted in acrylic and about 9"x12". I scanned the original and then manipulated the color of the turtle using a photo app to turn it from brown to blue. Next, I printed the new turtle image. I cut out the new blue turtle I created on my pc to apply to another surface such as up-cycled plates and up-cycled canvas. I rescued a really cool canvas from a dump pile that had already had an existing painting on it with exciting colors. I began to experiment with paint and textured objects to use as a stencil and diminish the look of the old painting, but still leave a few of its remnants of its history in the background. After the canvas was dry I then decoupaged my cut out print of my turtle onto the canvas and gave it a coat of varnish. I re-scanned, and reworked the turtle in the computer to emphasize the colors and bring out the highlights.

How it fits into contest

Sea turtles are very popular here on our coast, and there are many people who advocate in their Armour to help these beautiful creatures heal, reproduce and survive. Sea turtles themselves have their own Armour of God. Their tough leathery shell is their Shield of Faith. These very delicate, but tough creatures facing huge battles of survival everyday from the time they are conceived thru their adulthood. They face challenges from predators, changes in their environment from man-made waste, plus altercations with watercraft. Amazingly enough, even when these peaceful beings are hurt, they come back stronger thanks to those on land who put on their Armour to help these turtles heal and survive. So this painting represents a collaboration of the Armour of God.


Stefani Timmerman, artist

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Type of work: a hand-created copy
Purchase price: $10

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