Artist bio

I’ve been drawing since I was very little, and I hope to make a career in illustration. I’m a student at CPCC studying fine arts and art history and I’m excited to continue learning and creating for the rest of my life.


Unity of the Determined

Artist Statement

I start with a sketch, and work upwards by adding layers with different blend modes and transparencies. I’ve been doing digital character design for several years, and I’ve discovered that what I enjoy doing most is telling stories through the characters’ poses, expressions, and environments.

How it fits into contest

The analogy of the armor and weaponry in Ephesians 6:10-20 can seem like it’s meant to prepare us to fight and defend against everyone and everything that does not share our beliefs. I’ve seen tiny disagreements and interpretations tear apart friendships within the church and our own communities. It separates us and makes us weaker. The point is not to fight because of our differences, but for people from anywhere and everywhere, with different opinions and understandings, to unify, defend, and support one another.


Just me, 15 hours, and a few references from Google.

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