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I am a Pharmacist by profession here in Jamaica. I have had a deep interest in visual arts from childhood . This passion led to my completion of visual arts while at high school. I try to spend my spare time drawing or painting. No other team member


Covered by the Lord



Artist Statement

Deep taught was placed into this piece of art. It encapsulates the use of acrylic paint on a canvas background

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Deep taught was placed into this piece of art. It encapsulates the methods available for us to place on the full armour of the Lord in our daily lives. Once we surrender all to Him through prayer and learning his word through the bible and having faith, all other things are secondary.


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How to Purchase this Artwork

This painting is an Original work. Blend of acrylic paints mounted on a 12"×16" canvas. Relatively light weight. No frame.

Price: $US 100

Contact information : Shari-Lee Reid
Email address:
Cell number:876-466-9770 or 876-820-1570
Purchase: This can be made via email contact , artwork located in Jamaica. If purchased would be couried to the purchaser.

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Sip and paint may be an option

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