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I grew up around Metro Vancouver, Canada. I spent the last two years as a caregiver, and a Sunday School teacher at a small church. I have a background in Interactive Arts & Technology at Simon Fraser University. During my time there, I was introduced to various types of design, software, and artistic mediums. For the past year, it has been on my heart to return to the basics of honing my artistic skills and completing whole, meaningful pieces. I am not limited to a specific style, as I love variety, exploration, and basing the visuals of an artwork off of the subject matter. The pieces I’ve created over the past few months involve digital painting and illustration, with original photography occasionally integrated. I hope to create moments that stir the minds and hearts of friends and strangers. I also hope that my faith will guide my process, as well as the message that my works generate as viewers look upon them.




Digital Art

Artist Statement

The medium I used for Dominion is a combination of digital painting and photography. The hues and lighting of media images were edited in order to visually unify them.
As for my mental process, I began by painting the dueling forces which I had thought of right away. It was important that I capture a great clash. The style I was drawn to for this artwork is partly inspired by comic books--they often have epic fight scenes on matters of global impact. I then went through my photography collection for cityscapes because I wanted to capture some of the size and grandeur of the divine beings. I also chose to do a cityscape because the battle involves everyone.

How it fits into contest

In dwelling on the contest passage and related Biblical messages, what stood out to me the most was the battle between supernatural forces and our view of reality. What I aimed to do with this work is a depiction of having an unveiled view of the world. Along with the armor, it’s one of the things we do to equip ourselves.
The digital painting of the slightly terrifying figures is fading into a photo of a city. It represents the spiritual realm revealed, with active supernatural forces scattered throughout the city (in the form of red and cyan particles).
I also thought about how I took the photo from a hotel window in San Francisco. That is why the piece is framed by a window--as a reminder of one’s altered perspective as they gaze out into the world.


Fiona Chiang--Visual art completed by myself

How to Purchase this Artwork

Dominion was made in Adobe programs. It is not for sale at the moment but could be sold as a print at some point.

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

I would be open to direct commission opportunities. I am currently working illustration and software practice.

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