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Kellianne M. Land Artist Bio 2019 Kellianne Land is a muralist and artist. Natural beauty and allegory are her main inspirations. While studying the history of textiles at Concordia University (Montreal) Land became inspired by the diversity of cultural iconography which led her to pursue decorative art. As a partner in Schmidt Mandell Studios Land became adebt at creating interiors, including murals and cabinetry design, for commercial and residential clients in Charleston South Carolina. Returning to Ontario seven years ago, Land started to awaken her earlier fine art pursuits. She has been a member of Headwaters Art Association, The Brushfire Artists and has volunteered her talents in creating spaces for several institutions (such as St. James Anglican"s "The Butterfly Hall" in Fergus). Painting the beautiful, iconic landscape of Southern Ontario "en plein air" has also been a significant part of her practice. The riverside is her main inspiration. While re-invigorating her drawing skills at Guelph University Land started to work on a series of drawings and mixed medium assemblages in her studio. The subjects range from the passage of time, the nature of being, mythology/allegory and pure abstraction. She also writes icons as a devotional practice. Ms Land now resides and continues her practice on the South Western shore of Nova Scotia. She fascilitates various workshops with the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia ArtReach programs, volunteers for the Autism Arts classes and was Artist in Residence for Holy Trinity Arts at Holy Trinity Anglican Church for 6 months in 2018. Land is an active member of the Yarmouth Art Society and exhibits her work in The Waterfront Gallery. She presently works at the Western Branch of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, organizes life drawing sessions at Holy Trinity Hall, and is fascilitating a pilot project called "Art Explorations" with Southwest Nova Employment Center as well as working as volunteer on the formation of a public art policy with the Town of Yarmouth.


Armor in Battle



Artist Statement

Essentially I draw using various mediums: watercolour, ink, markers, pastels, metalic paints, etcetera, in an expressionist manner. Then I cut my work up in strips and methodically place and adhere the strips onto a substrate (heavy watercolour paper, primed canvas or masonite. The practice is healing in that it is expressive. Also I do not hang on to a piece and when I cut it up it is a sort of "freeing", Then I use a very patient and deliberate arrangement of the pieces to see their relatedness beyond the original expression. The careful placement appeals to my design facility. Drawing has become a very important part of my practice. I have moved from realist to expressionist as I desire to create something of the essence, an emotional response.

How it fits into contest

It was good to be given this opportunity to express the Armour of God with my process.This process has emerged as a response to the recent changes in history and my own experiences, both of which have me finding healing through abstract expression and comfort in the careful assembling of the collaged elements.
This particular piece emerged from a very literal idea and became a colourful expressionist warrior. The image reminded me of Psalm 18 and King David.
The next step of my process was to let go of the image by slicing the image into long strips. For God's ways are not our ways. In the Word we are given literal images. In my devotion it becomes deeper than the literal. For me it is not something I can keep in a literal box of chain mail and forged steel. God says that it is not in our own strength, or the strength of horses, and we do not use the sword without prayer...for if we live by the sword we will die by the sword. Assemling the strips as a collage allows me to quietly contemplate the elements and their connectivity. This art piece expresses this in the abstract: The choatic battle wages around us, in us. Yet inside, at the core, is a strong verticle element. It is a shield. God is my shield. The process is a balance between chaos and liberation, my instinctive response versus God's way. An energetic and determined conviction and a calm consitant determination to go one step at a time in faith. The metalic gold in this piece is representing the divine. It weaves through it and surrounds the battlefield.


kellianne land

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25" x 33" original art
mounted on masonite
direct from the artist

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Various drawing formats on different papers and substrates.
Workshops on creation, seeing, expressing and art mediums.

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