Carol Evaul

Artist bio

Missionary Teacher and Artist. I love to draw and have used it many ways as a missionary and in through teaching. I have done illustrations, cartoons and Bible cloths. It is a hobby that I enjoy. I have taught Art classes to women's groups as an outreach ministry. I have used it for countless Kids Ministries on the field when we had no materials. I thank God for giving me this interest in Art and desire to draw. I still find it relaxing to me and draw constantly. I do many mediums, such as paper beads, paper mache, pencil, paint and puppet making. My husband and I were missionaries in Bolivia for 20 years. My favorite craft artwork was a Popsicle Puppet Show of Noah's Ark. We went on a mission trip to Mexico and God provided a storm during our presentation and the sun came out as we continued talking about landing on Mt. Ararat. God is the Greatest Creator and Artist, we are just imitators of His inspiration.


Be strong



Artist Statement

I have done this several times. I like to write scripture like this and have made notebooks. There is something about writing the words that help me think about the words. The words are powerful.

How it fits into contest

Yes because it has the words from the verses.


Just me.

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Original, simple drawing.

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