Artist bio

C. Madria Steven has explored art in many forms, from dancing and singing, to playing instruments, to photography, to drawing and painting. Having come from a severely abusive childhood, Madria hopes to share her art to encourage the world to become a better place. Soroush and Madria are students, friends and collegues that work in the same area at the university. Sam is a Christian friend who works at the university, who is graciously providing a safe place for Madria to express creativity in art. Carl and Cecile are Madria's parental figures, who lived out the love of God when they scooped her off the streets and into their home 16 years ago. Jeannette is a friend who had supported Madria's creativity and she also worked hard to prevent Madria from dropping out of high school to return to the streets.




Mixed Media

Artist Statement

This is about running from the dark, an expression of my current position in life; a place of constant struggles without a sense of belonging. Nobody knows where she runs to or from, just that she runs. One battle of life is knowing when to fight or when to flee, and for how long.

How it fits into contest

This is more of a reflection of John 10:10, where there is said to be " the full." Life was meant to be good, and this picture depicts my constant efforts to find that.


C. Madria Steven 2019, using PicsArt.

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