Artist bio

Hello everyone I go by King Lanbisyon.. im a self taught artist with a history in graphic design with now being more of a painter.. My art is my own black anime style which depicts my life and my struggles and the different mood and vibes i have also things i felt god has given me a vision about.. Art has been therapeutic for me and has held me together especially during my lows..





Artist Statement

This piece is made with oil and acrylic paint. I titled this piece “evolving” because I definitely feel to evolve you have to go through some trials and tribulations.. I also think of evolving as confronting directly & moving past a issue or situation holding you back . This painting describes pain,sadness,self sabotage

How it fits into contest

I believe the spiritual battle is like that you might have a alignment or a burden, addiction or it could be your old self your trying to conquer to become a better person then you were. God wants us to equip ourselves with these rough times so we can handle the great future he has in store for us

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Instagram: kinglanbisyon
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