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I once read that “the work of an artist who is a Christian will naturally reflect their faith.” As I have worked and grown as an artist, my work has ascertained this statement, regardless of my medium, subject matter, or intention. In my two years at RIT, I have progressed as an artist, writer, researcher, learner, person, and Christian. In my mind, none of these “titles” replaces another; they are all interwoven, necessary parts of who I am. I am sharing my experiences and interpretation thereof through this Thesis Exhibition, and I invite my viewers to enjoy, explore, learn, and grow with me. The bulk of the work in Kataklysmos is inspired by the Biblical book of Revelation. The idea of painting images from Revelation came to me during my daily devotions, a quiet time when I can focus on applications and implications of the Scriptures. Kataklysmos is the ancient Greek term for a deluge; a destructive flood, an upheaval that brings about significant change, an inundation which washes away all pre-existence. I chose the idea as the title of this series because I relate it dually to the apocalypse of Revelation, and the idea of baptism in the Christian faith. In the early chapters of Revelation, I was entranced by the stunning visual imagery and fantastic surrealism the words planted in my mind. Convicted, I simply HAD to create. I know that I am not the first artist to portray Revelation, nor will I be the last. In my endeavors, I have sought to remain true to my Christian interpretation (with artistic license) of the images of Revelation. I intentionally avoid a literal illustration of John’s interpretations of his visions, because that is all they were; his interpretation of something intangibly experienced. I think of my re-interpretation as a refraction of sorts; I am a mirror, reflecting the light and truth of Christ, but imperfectly, as I am imperfect. The title of each piece, as noted on the title cards, contains a figurative title, as well as a Biblical citation. I have included the citations of the passages because, on the pedestal among the paintings, there is a Bible. This Bible has been marked with tabs to take the interested viewer directly to a work-based passage. I do not intend to force views upon anyone, but I hope this Bible will become worn and loved over time, as my viewers leaf its pages, exploring the gracious love of Christ for themselves.


Four Living Creatures

Artist Statement

This is an oil painting that I created during my thesis studies at the Rochester Institute of Technology. My thesis was entitled Kataklysmos and represents my devotional studies of the book of Revelation. Most of my artwork (arguably all) is strongly tied to my faith, sometimes even without my realizing it.

How it fits into contest

This work fits into the theme in several ways. Most obviously, perhaps, is the derivation from Biblical themes; the piece is based largely on Revelation 4, in which the suffering of the saints and martyrs takes center stage. The animals in the pieces represent Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John (the four evangelists of the gospels).
Specifically, the piece relates to Ephesians 6:10-20 in how I chose to depict the scenes in Revelation. I chose to reflect the hope and imminent relief through the allusion of reflected light within the piece, guiding the viewer around the painting until they are drawn to the hopeful eye, at the apex of the lion’s wing. The eye—particularly a clear, blue eye—becomes symbolic of Christ, faithfully watching and loving His children, even in our brokenness, death and destruction.
This shows the end of the struggle against the rulers, authorities, and powers of the world and heavenly realms (v 12), which can only be attained through faith in (and action therewith) God.


Firstly, I need to glorify God for giving me the talent to create art, and even more so for the opportunities afforded by my ability to attend RIT. I love that He has gifted me with a skill that I thoroughly enjoy, although I think that whenever we use His gifts with the right heart, we will enjoy whatever we do for Him.
I also need to definitely give credit to my thesis committee at RIT: Alan Singer, Glen Hintz, and especially my chief advisor and faith/art mentor, Luvon Sheppard, who introduced me to so many artists, books, and ideas of including faith in art.
I also need to give credit to my parents and family who have always supported me in my artistic endeavors.

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