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Visual artist Diana Helman has been interpreting Scripture and her own spiritual walk through acrylic paintings for 8 years. Born in Mexico, but raised in Brasil, Diana lives in the US since January 2019. Graduated in Graphic Design, and after working for great brands, she became a mother and decided to dedicate herself entirely to arts. In 2018, she excelled in this scenario when she made a solo exhibition in Petropolis, Brazil. From there, after having received an invitation to ehxibit her work, with 11 other Brazilian artists, in the Cultural Center Mauricel Ravel in Paris. In the US Diana made her first solo show called WIND in the Butterfly Lounge of the Miami Beach Botanical Garden in 2019. Diana Helman work is known for the use of strong and vibrant colors and Christian faith has been the driving force behind her art. Each piece of art is a prayer or conversation with God. The graphic stains and textures are symbols intended to unite the thoughts between the spiritual experience and how it is felt.


In My Father's Arms



Artist Statement

I did this acrylic painting during the Covid-19 pandemic when fear and despair were taking over our lives but when praying I could feel the Love of my Father. God welcomed my fragility and in His love my fear was gone. God the Father was taking care of me. No matter how difficult the things are, we have a resting place. The good God almighty holds us in his arms and keeps us from evil.

How it fits into contest

When we feel weak and oppressed in Spiritual Battle, we can run into the arms of the Father and in this place put on the full armor of God, and stand against the devil schemes. In his arms we find love and protection.


The Holy Spirit, my husband and daughter that were my models for this painting.

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Price: $2800 USD
I also sell prints on different sizes of that artwork.
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