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I am a painter, graduated from Florida State University in Studio Art. I am a Christian, and love to do Christian paintings, photography, sculpture, and both historical and prophetic Christian art.





Artist Statement

My artwork is about God in all of His glory, past, present, and future. This painting is about the battle of Good and Evil, using abstract imagery to illustrate the forces. I often use abstract imagery, or even nature to illustrate the concepts in my work. Here, the large angelic force in the Heavens is the huge Power of God. That force is protecting the delicate flowers that represent Good, under which is the black and red blob of Satan, slithering among them. The force of God is protecting the good forces, zapping Satan with precision.

How it fits into contest

This painting is about the spiritual battle of the forces of good and evil. Good is represented by the delicate flowers, and the God force is represented by the huge angelic image in the Heavens. The Satan force is represented by the black and red blob slithering behind the flowers, always coming in to lie, steal, and destroy. The powerful force of God is zapping Satan with precision, allowing the flowers (good people) to Stand Firm with the Power and Beauty of the Lord, for we fight not with flesh and blood, but the power of the spirit.



How to Purchase this Artwork

$5,000 - Email me at

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I have a collection of Christian paintings, sculpture, serigraphs, and photography that illustrate Christianity through the ages, and prophetic things to come. I would like them to stay together to edify people as to the Lord's story, in various venues. Some paintings may be made into prints, if you would like to help with that. I can be commissioned. Email me at

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