Kathy Blake

Artist bio

My name is Kathy Blake. I live on a beautiful little farm that has enough inspiration to paint for the rest of my life. I have five beautiful grandchildren, two children, and a wonderful husband for the last 33 years. I love the Lord and am looking for his return. I hope my paintings bring a bit of joy to your day.


Walking Into Chaos



Artist Statement

My artwork is a casual painting of an individual entering a city wearing the full armor of God.

How it fits into contest

There may be temptations in the city that the individual will only be able to overcome by having his armor on. He can therefore quench the fiery darts with his battle pieces.


As always, my husband encouraged me to enter the contest.

How to Purchase this Artwork

The submission will be for sale and you can contact me at 501 691 4471.

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

I also do commissioned work. I've done several animal portraits, and many landscapes as well. Usually my style of painting is a little tighter than this painting, but this is how I saw it this time.

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