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I am a self-taught visual artist dedicated to the exploration of materials and different degrees of representation, my approach focuses on the idea that the work is worth by itself, without requiring signatures, statements or essays that accompany it because my efforts are focused on the crystallization of digestible and understandable projects by most of the public. My work has no marks on the front and my pseudonyms are several because I am dedicated to make each series and each painting a unique work that is worth by itself, rather than building a career I seek to contribute to the exhibitions, collections and museums of resources with value and substance, my work is a journey; my own exploration in search of key points and immovable references in which we all reflect.


One of the four beasts



Artist Statement

The four beasts that announce the end of times are a recurring figure for millennia, the fascination of man with the apocalypse has accompanied us since that passage was written, the warnings listed there are so punctual, clear and are undeniable, historically that concept crosses us and in many cases (like mine) defines us; a generation born in the fear of war, hunger, disease and death has very clear texts that describe times similar to ours, my study in symbols and the theologies involved falls on this piece more than any other in my catalog, a visual representation of old fears that have shaped our civilizations.

How it fits into contest

If it has no place in language then it does not exist; likewise that which lacks representation before the eyes of the beholder seems to go unnoticed, the materialization of the biblical warnings that represent iniquitous threats should appear immediately when talking about the struggle of those who call themselves good and that which by its very nature is declared as evil, my intention with my work is to give representation to the invisible and what is not, to then materialize the insubstantial.


Ed John D.

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The piece has a value of $1200.00 USD plus shipping costs to be paid by the buyer, the artwork is sent from CDMX, Mexico.

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In addition to my work as a visual artist I work as an editorial cartoonist publishing for several newspapers and magazines of national circulation in my country, as an advertising illustrator I have collaborated with international brands among which stand out: Amnesty International, Google, Nestle, PEPSICo, Campbells, FIAT, Chrysler, A&E and NBC Universal.
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