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I was born in Vienna in 1972. Even as a teenager I liked to draw, preferably during school lessons, not exactly to the delight of my teachers. At the age of 19 I moved to Innsbruck, where I met my husband, with whom I have 2 wonderful children. I never went to art school, so I count myself as a so-called self-taught artist. Even at the age of 21, depression and panic attacks were a part of my life. No matter what I tried, they just stubbornly stuck by my side. I started painting with acrylics around the age of 30 and mostly creates works depicting women from a very worldly point of view. 2010 was the turning point in my life. My panic attacks were at their peak and there wasn't much reason for me to move on. In desperation I cried out to God, "If you are real, please come, I need you!" He came, healed, gave new life! I stopped painting because my pictures were no longer compatible with my "new life". I spent the first 10 years studying the Bible. I knew nothing about God and had a lot of catching up to do. I learned to hear his voice, to trust him, and to follow him. God restored me completely and completely healed me from depression and panic attacks. When God spoke to me to pick up the paintbrush again, I followed His call. Now that I know my worth in Christ, I can also paint the worth and beauty of others. Now paint for his honor, let him inspire me, guide me and see the world through his eyes. One of the main characteristics of my paintings is to make them look "old". It often takes me a long time to prepare the canvas with tissue paper, structure paste and glue. Only when she has reached a certain "shabby style" does the actual painting begin.


Fear not



Artist Statement

I was at the lowest point of my life when God came into my life. Panic attacks, depression and eating disorders were my everyday life. My body was so emaciated that I fainted again and again. I didn't see much point in continuing to live, and just kept trying to function because of my children. God came into my life and turned depression into joy, fear into courage and confidence, hatred of my body into love of life. When he led me to paint this picture, I initially knew only the title: "Fear not", and I had the impression of painting an angel. I listened as so often Hal Leath worship music , and suddenly realized that I was not painting an angel, but myself at a young age. All the fear, the depression, the desire to die. Tears of joy ran down my face. Because God said, I was with you from the beginning, didn't miss you for a minute, cried with you every tear.... You came to me, I healed you, washed you clean with the blood of my Son, plucked you out of the valley of death!
I know that this image is for many people who suffer from panic attacks and depression.... I want to give you a lot of courage, his promises are not hope, his promises are the truth.

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Over and over again, fear tried to catch up with me. But I put on the armor of God daily and repel Satan's insidious attacks. It was often not easy, but I defended myself with the shield of faith, against which the incendiary arrows of the devil bounced ineffectively. God's Word was finally victorious, and God completely freed me from anxiety and depression.


Hal Leath

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The image is available as an original and as a print in my webstore at

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All my pictures are available as originals, posters and prints on canvas in the online store. Some motifs also as silk scarves, leather handbags, and fashion for men, women and babies 🙂

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