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Irene Brown-Wood is 26years and lives in Ghana with her family as a nurse and an Artist. I found passion in Christian art and that is the kind of artist I want to be known for. I have participated in several art residencies, workshops and exhibitions. I believe art is a second language the whole world understands and speak and the best tool to preach the Gospel.


Stand Firm



Artist Statement

My artwork, Stand firm is a representation of several life encounters and experiences. The chaos in familiar occurrences that we are aware of and become comfortable with.
Therefore, my impression was to make an artwork, demonstrating normal and simple items against its "actual representation" in the world as I believe are some of the schemes of the enemy. In my view, this will best project the message of steadfastness, caution and alertness for the child of God to identify the unusual in what is believed to be the norm. There's no doubt we find ourselves in an ever changing world that is hard to catch up with. I made this artwork to remind myself of my position in this world as a child of God; even as everything seems to be against my growth in Christ. In the chaos, there is hope in the word of God and His mighty armor.

How it fits into contest

Paul's messages in Ephesians was vivid with directions, watchfulness and precautions. The chaos surrounding the child of God is enormous and transcends through both the spiritual and physical realm. In the midst of the schemes of the evil one, standing firm is an essential weapon for the battle as we put on His armor.
In this painting, we can identify items we are conversant with and others remaining a mystery, certainly they are never considered dangerous or cause harm. And that's how we become deceived in the schemes and treacherous plans of the devil because they are appealing and blindfold us, perpetrating to be the usual. Stand firm then again with the armor of God because it's not only about a chaotic world but one engulfed with familiar entanglements.
Stand firm in truth as you feed your mind and spirit with the word of God away from lies and deceit. For what we hear has the tendency to influence our behavior. Guard your heart with the Bible and meditate on the words day and night. Ephesians 6:13 tells us to stand our grounds, firm and immovable as the things of this world dance in the tunes of destruction, in preparation for the evil day.

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