Artist bio

Michael Deborah resides in Toronto, Canada where she completed two art certificates and graphic design courses at George Brown College. She has participated in numerous, juried shows, has been selected for three solo exhibitions, has had her work featured in many art publications and is the recipient of 23 awards. Michael Deborah is an elected member of the Colour and Form Society and the Ontario Society of Artists.


Beauty Endless



Artist Statement

Daily I am driven to paint by a deep need to participate in beauty.

I engage in my own quiet battle against all things dark and evil with my art. My delicate, peaceful and graceful subjects are my weapons which counter and negate these destructive forces.

My work is inspired by crumbling, ancient ruins on the one hand and glorious, medieval illumination and iconography on the other. This allows me to celebrate the extremes of visual information, both rough and delicate.

My art centers on the moment the spirit within us is unearthed and set free to purify, bedeck and heal Mother Earth. This is my prayer.

How it fits into contest

"BEAUTY ENDLESS" illustrates the persistence of beauty, which is equal to all things that are good and sacred. It will sprout out of rubble and flourish in spite of a dearth of nourishment. Beauty is eternal, silent and transcendent and it triumphs over ephemeral, clamorous and fragile chaos, corruption and sin. Three goddesses and their surrounding, golden auras, which symbolize shields of faith, break through and surface in the midst of cracks of destruction and devastation caused by malevolence. They battle immorality with their awesome grace and wisdom. They create and disperse prayer-flowers as gifts of hope, truth and peace which decorate and bless Earth with their holy beauty. These prayer-flowers renew and reinforce spiritual strength in preparation for the stand against evil for nothing is stronger than beauty because beauty is God.

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