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My creative process began as a child with a deep love of the natural world. When I became a born again Christian at Swiss L’Abri, I was introduced to the Master Creator. Because of God’s work in me, I completed high school and went on to earn a BFA in painting and printmaking, as well as advanced studies in Art History and Criticism. Since then, my painting has become infused with energy, color and historical reference. My goal was not to exactly recreate the scene before me, whether it be a landscape, still-life or a figure. Instead, I endeavored to invite the Spirit of God into a creative relationship. I tried to get out of the way and become a vessel in the “Potter’s hands”. Through the decades this process has evolved into an Expressionist, Symbolist style. The Word of God continues to inspire and inform, bringing insight and meaning to my artwork.


Autoptic Portrait


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Artist Statement

This portrait of the artist is a portrait of how we as Christ followers gird ourselves and how God blesses up with His protection.
The Helmet of Salvation is represented by the artist’s forehead being filled with the foundation of God’s love. The very word of John 3:16 is imprinted in the representation of his mind. He also is thinking of things unseen, represented by the collage of the cosmos that is unseen by human eye. His face, his expression to the outside world is spurred on by revelation of God’s creation and God’s compassion and mercy. His cheeks filled with the reassurance of God’s care. His breastplate of righteousness is covered by the blood of Jesus which is represented in the painting through the red lines running from his shoulder to his waist. It also makes up the buttons on his shirt. which secures his breastplate. The call from the Father, is shown through the portrayal of Godly men who used their art to show God’s Glory such as Van Gogh and Rouault. His girdle of truth is being seated in heavenly places, surrounded by the church’s revelation and art, the saints who have led the way and the work of the craftsman called by God.

How it fits into contest

The battle is often in our mind. The schemes of the devil are kept at bay by the Word of God. A tragic muse is trying to whisper in the artists ear. Jacob wrestling with the Angel is a collage element that is near the artist's heart. Confusion and depression is often a worldly force of darkness that the artist battles using the word of God.


CIVA, Matt Tommey

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