Artist bio

Rosana is a Brazilian visual artist interested in the redemptive power of art and beauty as instruments that can lead us closer to the Creator.


Sky in the sea (heavenly realms)



Artist Statement

I’m currently producing a series of works relating the sea and the sky, as metaphors for our lives and for the action of the Holy Spirit. The painting represents heavenly reality reflected in the sea of life. We move in a colorful sea. The colors reflected from the sky reveal the beauty and presence of the Creator God in our lives. But the sea can also be dangerous, with rough waves, reflecting the reality of life in a sinful world. The sky, seen above the sea, represents the ultimate reality of heaven, full of moving clouds and overlapping colors.

How it fits into contest

Our primary struggle is not related to the temporary waves we face as we navigate the sea of life, but takes place in the heavenly realms (Ephesians 6:12). The spiritual battle in heaven is a dynamic reality, and even when its movements and colors are invisible to us, it has profound impact on our condition. Under the mysterious and colorful sky, we move through the sea of life in communion with one another and in dependence of God's care. We fight together in this battle with the armor provided by God and described by Paul in Ephesians.

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