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Egyptian Artist have been painting for five years. While being an artist is a difficult tug-of-war between my inner dreamer and critic, I've grown to love this process a lot. It hasn't just taught me much about the world, but also about myself.


Spiritual Redemption



Artist Statement

"Spiritual Redemption" is a Digital Painting 24 x 18 in
When I think of redemption, I think of the time that has passed, change, faith and hope. Spiritual Redemption is a savior. It is the focus, it nourishes the soul and nurtures your beliefs. The title was inspired by something I had already been involved with and the choice of religious (spiritual) elements in the piece is about the power of that source. She carries out this responsibility with meaning, purpose, and dedication–she is an homage to her creator through her artistic ability.

How it fits into contest

This Painting explores ways of spiritual redemption through fine art's power to mitigate fragmentation, silence, and death. In this horror-ridden world which is both the artist and viewer's, the spiritual redemption motif is represented in a multiplicity of manifestations: inner, outer, and reconciliation; transcendence and immanence; realm of otherness and psychological leaning.
Spiritual Redemption is about engaging in the spiritual battle to encourage the believer to stand firm in their faith against the spiritual attack that wears away at our ability to affect change in this world.

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