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Artist Bio Shana Grugan 44 Oleander Dr. Pawleys Island, SC 29585 843-655-0988 Shana Grugan is known for paintings that focus on color and continuity of movement. Her most recent work blends abstraction of figures that become swooping bodies that loom large in the composition. Working in acrylics, she explores the theme of spirituality on both canvas and paper. This theme has been present in her work since college, though changing in style. Born in Greenville, SC, Shana spent most of her childhood in Morrow, GA. She received a BFA in Drawing and Painting from the University of Georgia. Graduate school took her back to her home state where she received an MAT in Art Education from the University of South Carolina. She spent several years teaching art in grades K-12, in both North and South Carolina public schools, as well as instructing students through a private studio. Her career in Art Education meant taking a break from painting, while creatively engaging in teaching studio art and concepts to mainly low-income students in schools in the Carolinas. Currently, Shana paints in a studio full time and is grateful for the opportunity to get back to her passion of painting. She lives with her husband, daughter, and son in Pawelys Island, SC. Shana Grugan


Glory within the Battle (Shield)

Artist Statement

Artist Statement
Shana Grugan
I increasingly find the challenge of interpreting abstract thoughts into visual representations fascinating. Sometimes, I find that the concepts I wish to express are already present in the environment around me. Still, I often find the need to create and simplify these ideas using the basic elements of art. For example, treating shape as a language allows me to create narratives of complex emotions.

My current series, Field Notes: A Journey of Heart, is created from the perspective of Heart. Heart longs to make more room for its Maker to enter and reside. Each composition is a result of how the relationship between God and Heart changes with every interaction, be it push/pull, open/close, surrender/hold, etc...Line, shape, and color are the focal point of the compositions. Often, Heart is represented as a flat stone shape and Maker as fluid movement. The Engage Art Call for Submissions was a great opportunity to introduce Ephesians 20 within this series and explore ways Heart could prepare for battle using the Armor of God.

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The composition of 'Glory within the Battle' is based on layers. There is a base layer of earthly color, which represents our physical world. The middle element of the composition is an oval shape (representing Heart). It is here that the battle is taking place. The final layer are the lightly colored forms that intertwine around the oval. These are of the Heavenly realm. They supersede the earthly layers because that is more real that the physical layer.

The shield of faith is how we are able to move toward and continue to walk into our purpose on earth for the Kingdom. Faith is developed and strengthened by walking through the trials and tests of life. The process of sanctification is allowing God to bring us from one glory to the next, so that we begin to look more and more like Christ.

The shield in my painting is alive and constantly moving. This signifies that each time we stand firmly on a promise of God, allow the Spirit to bring a specific scripture to mind, or cry out in surrender in the midst of attack or temptation, the shield is further developed. The shield is a beautiful example of how God's glory is made manifest in our lives, by our faith.


Shana Grugan, artist

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Type of work: a unique original
Purchase price: $600

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