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She is an environmental enthusiast and a self-taught abstract and realism artist. Her realism paintings are inspired by landscape and wildlife painters. Her abstract masterpieces were enthusiastically based from the designs of her multicolored recycled crafts (e.g. bags, purses and pencil cases) which were made up of junk food wrappers.


The Labyrinth



Artist Statement

The black infinite crooked lines resembling like a dry, cracked earth represent a state of corruption, death and earthly desires. Between those cracks are colorful mundane objects which also represent people of Christian faith of different sectors, nationalities, ethnicities and races. The white part between those mundane figures represents the purity of the Christians' belief towards God's Word amidst life's spiritual challenges and temptations.

How it fits into contest

As frail as we are, corruption must be the only final option when we're headed to sinful lusts and temptations. But because the Son of God paved the way to eternal life, neither one element in this present world nor things to come could keep us from the fiery love we have for our Creator. We are always battle ready to whatever challenges come our way and not even death could prevent us to spiritual freedom and happiness in this life and in the life to come.


Kathleen Padaoan-myself
Norma Padaoan-mother

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