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I am a Visual Art teacher for St. Paul Lutheran Westlake and owner of Sacred Space Studios LLC. The mission of Sacred Space Studios LLC is to facilitate meaningful connections to self, each other, and the divine through providing opportunities for art-making and art collection that feed the soul.


With You



Artist Statement

With You was created as an encouraging visual for other Christians who feel that they walk alone. The tension between the black and white and color emphasizes the power of the Holy Spirit to animate us and strengthen us when we feel weak and struggle to speak our truth with eloquence.

How it fits into contest

The artwork addresses a time of crisis in which the peace of the knowledge of the Holy Spirit within overcame feelings of hopelessness and dread (a spiritual battle manifesting as anxiety and depression). The artwork addresses the spiritual calling of an artist to declare her fragility in the human condition as powerful with the assistance of prayer and support from the Holy Spirit. The blue jay serves as a symbol of the Holy Spirit that encourages and demands fearless communication of spiritual truth.


Reference Photo provided by Public Domain Pictures

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For inquiries about the original artwork, e-mail $300 framed in black contemporary frame

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