Samson Lok

Artist bio

I am currently a year 13 student who is passionate about art and architecture. I do love the process of creating artworks from exploring old masters to experimenting with digital, or handcraft experimentations to create exciting imagery.





Artist Statement

This is an oil painting (89cm in width x 123cm) inspired by the Nude Descending a Staircase, No.2 by Marcel Duchamp. First, I had a pink rose fixed in position and photographed it every day to capture the process of decay to express time as well as motion and death. I chose a selection of photos and with photoshop, I merged them together with a rose at the beginning as the most transparent with photos at the end as the most opaque, This was to convey time and motion, as well as the death as a part of nature. Portraying reality in a different way in one single image is my goal behind this artwork. I then selected one of the photoshopped collages of rose which I created and painted in oil.

How it fits into contest

The idea is to link the motion of resurrection from death in the darkness, compete and fight against nature as no man can. With a strong consciousness, we are able to stand on our ground with the courage of overcoming death.

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