Wendy Lu

Artist bio

Wendy Lu is a Hard of Hearing, Taiwan-born, Toronto-based multimedia artist, who graduated with Specialized Honours from York University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts. Wendy lost her hearing as an infant due to meningitis-related fever, and throughout her life, she has undergone left-brain surgery, as well as three cochlear implant surgeries. Her severe-to-profound bilateral hearing loss affects both ears, and her cochlear implant technology affects her hearing and speech. Her visualizations attempt to depict analogues of perceptual difference involving drop-outs, disconnects and scrambling artifacts, based on her lived experience aurally negotiating and interpolating in communications with others.





Artist Statement

I am a friendly, artistic, enthusiastic, thoughtful, imaginative, and potential collaborator. I have very good work ethics. I can contribute my innovative ideas and productive work that speak the heart of God based on different issues. I am a daughter of God’s family. I have creative ideas and skills in new media and visual arts. I am a Christian artist, dancer and photographer who can capture the essence of God’s spirit through my spiritual visions, spiritual ears and body languages! I love God with all my heart, mind, soul, and spirit. I love God with my pure, sincere and obedient heart. I like to express my reverence and fear for the presence of the Lord through my daily prayer and biblical devotion. I am a zealous, fervent and diligent Christian follower. I love to communication with the Lord everyday through worship, prayer, bible study, and fellowship. Thank you God for showing me never ending love through my daily spiritual walk with You! I really like to pray to the Lord for showing the truth of God’s vision, prophecy, dreams, guidance, wisdom, and discernment to me. Thank you God for walking with me and encouraging me with God’s Word! I commit to have an eternal, intimate and personal relationship with the Lord. Thank you God for shining Your light on my path through my daily spiritual journey!

My Christian art is for honouring and glorifying the only one Creator, the Heavenly Father. I want to show my artwork to God, God’s family and people for leading all of you to believe the trinity of Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. Bless the holy name of Jesus as the Lamb of God! I want to express my Christ-like voices, thoughts, meditations, and reflections based on the truth of God’s Word. I continue to walk with Jesus through the narrow road which leads to the everlasting heavenly kingdom of God. I praise the Lord for creating the beauty of our earth and heaven! I seek the Lord’s presence and desire to hear God’s true voices. I want to know what God wants me to do based on His will, His desires, His plans, and His purposes for me. I want to express my Godly love through speaking, singing, dancing, creating a variety of work. I want to do everything what God calls me to do for the kingdom of God. I want to answer God’s highest calling for me.

How it fits into contest

I created my artwork by myself based on my reflection of the Bible in response to COVId-19

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