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NATHANAEL MYERS, a creator and mover from the Sonoran Desert, earned a BFA in Studio Art, from the University of Arizona. Myers’ visual art has been shown in multiple solo exhibitions notably at the Lionel-Rombach Gallery in Tucson, AZ and in Brooklyn, NY, in various international exhibitions including the United Nations, Tucson Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art - Tucson, including selling through Christie’s Auction House, NYC. Markedly, Myers has been recognized by both press and awards including Arizona Public Media, the Community Foundation for Southern Arts, the Arizona Commission of the Arts, UrbanGlass, the Rauschenberg Grant through the NYFA. He is currently a Writing Fellow through the Honors College with his alma mater, resident designer with National Sawdust - Williamsburg, NY, an Artistic Fellow under Dickie’s x COLLAB program ‘The Future of Work’, and a Fulbright semi-finalist. Nate lives and works in New York City, delving into the practices of stained glass, poetry, self-blown neon tubing, and site-specific choreography.


Z Axis



Artist Statement

As an interdisciplinary creator, I seek to kindle the notion of conceptually charged visual poetry, while fostering kinship amongst the mediums of visual art, movement, and language. At the crux of my creative praxis lies ‘the divide of self’, the symbiosis of identifying with the queer community and an established belief system, and the ‘pursuit of shalom’, articulating experiences of bliss and collective human sensation. Stirring conversations of unspoken taboos, my recent studies have investigated the anamnesis and the body’s retention of trauma, site-specific choreography, biomimicry, and the integration of self-blown neon tubing with stained-glass panels navigating identity hierarchy.

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Specifically looking from a depth perspective, as if the view of God to Earth, the mixed-media painting, 'Z-Axis' considers time, human connections, the heavenly realm, memories’ ability to Horcrux themselves to objects, and our spiritual armor to rebuke them. Dust to dust or sublime sovereignty, solidarity threaded the embroidered navy sailor buttons, actualizing the relation to the modern-day battlefront and suit of armor. This work also considers our greatest ally on the battlefields of life, spiritual gifts that equip us on the frontline, and the oxidization of copper as the wisdom of time and maturation in faith changes and prepares us for spiritual warfare.


I would like to extend thanksgiving to my supportive family, kinfolk, and church fam, you've redefined the importance of community through spiritual battles and the understanding that my art is an active participant in the battlefront.

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$6,000.00 | Available on my website -

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My creative work takes on many forms as an interdisciplinary artist. Commissions and artwork featured on my website shop extend from mixed media paintings, collage, graphic design, murals, poetry, and interior design, to stained glass. I enjoy seeing through creative endeavors through innovative design and craft.

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