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My Linh Mac is a multi-media artist, visual designer, and art educator based in Chicago. Mac is originally from Vietnam and pursued her art education in Singapore, Australia, and the United States. As an accomplished painter, her works portray beauty in humble places with her signature style of deep and vibrant accent colors. While Mac’s paintings have varied genres, from conceptual, abstract, and figurative to contemporary, her digital and visual design works are commercial. Mac discovered nontraditional techniques bring further variety to her paintings through the use of color manipulation and the manipulation of materials and presentation platforms. Her niche is the ability to produce art within one medium that looks as if it were created within a different medium. Each of Mac’s artworks “speak for itself”, her unique approach of combining elements and medium gives her the credibility of an inventive artist and visual designer. What makes her work stand out among young emerging artists is how she incorporates not only technical skills and knowledge from multiple creative fields of design, art, and technologies; but also, her personal experience and cultural exposure from different parts of the world as a traveler.




Digital Art

Artist Statement

Shapes are present in every part of our existence. They have significantly more power over our lives than we realize, as they literally mold our world into three dimensions. The circle is one of these forms that may be found in practically every part of life. Because it has no beginning or finish, the circle portrays development as a process of transformation from death to birth, ending and beginning. A circle denotes eternity in this sense. A circle represents the Divine life force or spirit that keeps our world moving in many cultures and spiritual beliefs. It represents vigor, fullness, completion, and perfection.

How it fits into contest

The body works are made up of circles, rings, and spheres that reflect the inner war against the dark world and its evil powers within the spiritual realms, as well as the Divine life force or spirit that keeps our world moving. The usual flat canvas, in my opinion, is enough to represent such biblical and cosmic subjects, so I chose to go the extra mile by incorporating laser-cut wood to create depth and dimensions similar to the movie Inception. My 'cherry on top' element for the works is to use the universal principle of balancing- Ying and Yang as a color scheme to represent a part of my Eastern culture alongside the Western religious traditions with which I grew up.


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