Artist bio

My name is Michaela E. Davis, or Kayla. I am a recent graduate from Johnson State College with a four year degree in fine arts/photography. I am, for now, a hobby enthusiast nature photographer and I love to explore the great outdoors. I also spread my photographs by posting them online and once in a while sell a print in hopes to inspire people everyday to help, save, restore and preserve mother nature and her wildlife.





Artist Statement

Every night when the stars are out I find myself staring up at them. I'm always caught in a state of awe and wonder at these dark skies, their beauty, and mysteries. I always look to see if the stars are blanketing the black void whenever it is clear out. If they are not, I feel lost and lonely. I wanted to keep them close when they are not there, so I can look at them and fall into that wonder whenever I can. So, With careful research and planning, I had purchased an astrophotography camera, a Nikon D610 with a rokinon 14mm f/2.8 lens to make it happen. It is always scary to be alone in the dark, but also peaceful when I am outside photographing the trillions of tiny specks dancing above me, around the milkyway galaxy like a dream.

How it fits into contest

It is about the starry skies.


This photo was created by myself and myself only.

How to Purchase this Artwork

I can be reached on my instagram photography and facebook photography pages using DM and PM messenger.

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