Alexey Adonin

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As an explorer of the mysterious universe of oil painting, Alexey Adonin has dedicated over one and a half-decade to convey his vision of hidden otherworldly realms connected with a timeless source of inspiration. Raised in Eastern Europe, Belarus, Alexey's thirst for mystic and love for art has been evident from a young age. He began attending children's art school and later went to art college. Today based in Jerusalem, Alexey has exhibited locally and internationally. His works have also been acquired by notable private collections worldwide.


Light Of Hope



Artist Statement

There is always the silent presence of light accompanying us from clean sheets of mother's bed to the end of the mortal path. This light will never leave us as long we crave for being, and we hope. Hope is essential because the ultimate goal is to transform your dream into the light, making the world identify with it.

How it fits into contest

I may not have a chance to win as I'm not into any religion at all. However, I like the idea of Spiritual Battle because I feel it's relative to those aspects of life that somehow reflect my inner world.

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You've created a vision for a work of art that you want? Reach out to me and provide me with as many details as possible, and I make an artwork based on your request! As an option, you are welcome to visit the Drawings section of my site ( and pick up any sketch that you may consider to embody in color.

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