Yoonyoung Kim

Artist bio

I am a programmatic artist who loves diving into philosophical subjects and express them in artistic ways by leveraging artificial intelligence and programming.


A Battle and Glory


Digital Art

Artist Statement

It is not easy to follow God's path and his guidance because we are weak with fragile heart as humans, but we still, as believers, try to be strong to win over spiritual battles and glorify him even though it might fail again. I have decided to take part in this contest in the course of that spiritual battle as an artist. I have tried to present the weakness of me even with the armor of God, how unqualified I am as one of God's people, but the mighty power of the Lord who can anyway make us go through all the struggles we face solely by his existence with each one of us through the Spirit and his words, leading to the mysterious but great unity.

How it fits into contest

My work literally consists of his words, Ephesians 6:10-20, with a spoonful of my imagination. I created 7 works as a background given the first 7 verses via my primary medium, a machine learning algorithm called DALL-E which converts texts to images by training the pair of them programmatically. Then, they were exquisitely combined together, showing the fully armed version of us in the abstract with the realization of the verses. For the rest of the verses from 6:18-20, I express them on the combined image by drawing on my hand with the understanding and inspiration from the verses.

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