Paul Sutfin

Artist bio

Paul Sutfin is an photographer, painter and musician living and working inn the Pacific Northwest.


David’s Turn



Artist Statement

There was a moment –– I was taking out the trash –– where I thought I could mix the heroic and banal, then the painting “The Death of Marat” by Jacques-Louis David painting flashed in my head.

How it fits into contest

When I pray I say “I put my body under my soul, and I put my soul under my spirit.” You know, it’s kind of like a little government: three things. When you’re drunk, your spirit is not with your body. So I do think of my body as following my spirit and not keeping up. But I mean, if I was born not able to walk or not able to move my hands, it would have informed who I was as an artist –– or as a father, lover, anything. If you’re born with access to money it changes your life.

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