Artist bio

Leila Bakouche is a photographic artist attracted by digital media arts and immersed in graphic and photographic approaches that involve the discovery and curiosity of spaces and people. She uses the practice of storytelling to allow feelings, a collaboration between the artist and people.





Artist Statement

Frustrations, taboos and barriers are the daily life of the Algerian youth. The walls of the city remain the only escape and the eternal dead end. Giving their backs or facing the wall remains the dilemma of Algerian society.

The angles of treatment of this theme are: engaged, social and semiotic.

While roaming around the city, I meet and get inspired by the different hopes of Algerians and the different textures of the walls, all in distress. Forgotten, abused, torn or even broken.
I bring the two together to constitute a documentary photographic series inscribed in a current of social art.

A series that refers to a failure of the overall system of modern Algerian society and that takes up a questioning on an uncertain future and a dark vision and dead end in Algeria.

Creating through several portals a relationship between the human and urban texture. The project deals with the subject of the individual trying to realize his dreams in the middle of a city surrounded by barricaded walls preventing dreams from coming true.

Considering myself caught in this trap as a young photographer living within these walls.
I feel myself going straight to the wall.

How it fits into contest

The reflection, the implementation and the production of works of art.
In itself the practice of art is a fight with oneself. A meditation, a path to liberation and peace in our heart. An armor against evil and emptiness.


All the persons photographed agree to the shooting .

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