Steffi Faria

Artist bio

I'm a Christian artist, mom to two little boys and Jesus is my inspiration!


His Word | My Sword


Digital Art

Artist Statement

This artwork depicts the struggle of having an inferiority complex in the world.
We have a body, a soul and spirit. As we dive deeper into His Word, He starts cleansing us of our sin, breaking the chains that bind us and strengthening our spirit for warfare. The Sword of the Spirit is every Word that splits the mosaic the World has created to prevent our eyes from seeing God. The Sword pierces this mosaic and releases the Truth. The truth that sets us free of our doubt.

How it fits into contest

The artwork depicts the girl who struggles with low self esteem reading the Word. In fact she is engrossed in the Word, consuming it. The Word now equips Her Spirit to recognise she is “Beloved” (written in Hebrew). The Sword helps split the mosaic of the World into the Truth and the Lie. The truth then proceeds to break the chains of her heart. She is now a child of God and she is now free.

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