Maran Gealogo

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Hello. My name is Echo. I am an up and coming self taught artist from South Africa. I have recently decided to take on the endeavour of achieving my dream of getting my artworks internationally recognised and inspire people to go after their dreams as well, no matter how difficult.




Mixed Media

Artist Statement

This drawing was inspired by Michelangelo's famous "Pieta" sculpture.
I wanted to recreate the artwork in my own style while still maintaining its flare and beauty.

How it fits into contest

Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice and gave up his life for all our sins at once.
Jesus undoubtedly wore the armour of God in order to endure all the pain.
This inspires me because as long as you wear the "Armour of God", you can get through any battle. Regardless of the difficulty


Jesse Gealogo
Jacqui Haughton

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Not for sale at the moment

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