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LUTAAYA EMMANUEL BIOGRAPHY. Is an artist who specializes in the creation of realistic and abstract images of "unphotographable" scenes using painting Medias. He came into the world in 14th of October 1995 in Nansana Uganda. Emmanuel is a talented artist who felt inspired by reading several books about drawing and painting. For his education, Emmanuel sat for his primary leaving exams in St Andrews primary school of migadde where he earned a PLE certificate. He joined a senior secondary school called St Mary’s High school of Migadde where he completed his O and A level. During his vacation in 2017, he was requested to serve as a fine art teacher of Bulamu college school of Migadde Kakerenge where he spent most of his time for vacation serving the nation. During this same period,he was already employed as a painter of backgrounds, landscapes, portraits, nature and wildlife. In August of 2017, Emmanuel joined Makerere University pursuing the Bachelors’ degree of Industrial and Fine Art at the Margaret Trowell School of industrial and fine arts (mtsifa) where he managed to meet his dream of becoming a life professional artist. Since Emmanuel had love for painting and drawing he specialized in oil painting where he made the research about, analysis of the challenges of learning oil painting at the Margaret trowel school of industrial and fine art which was submitted in partial fulfillment of The requirements for the award of the bachelors’ of industrial and fine arts degree Makerere University in April of 2019 which was under the supervision of Mr. Kanuge John Bosco. During the period of his holidays after his second year of study, Emmanuel went for the internship study in oil painting with one of his lecturers Professor Ifee Francis Xavier who added more value on his painting skills, techniques and style. Emmanuel is now a Bachelor's degree holder in industrial and fine Art.


The power of prayer



Artist Statement

The power of prayer
Prayer is praise, thanks giving, confession, supplication and intercession to God. It’s away to renew our spiritual life daily. It’s through giving our lives to Christ and prayer that we are equipped with the full Armor of God. Satan is like a lion roaring, looking for someone to devour. Sets traps as strategies to take us away from the will of God that He desires for us.
As we see in the painting (left side that is dark) Satan traps are like cobwebs, some are visible others are invisible. His strategies comes with the love for worldly things like money, cars, mansions etcetera and all these leads us to death depicted with the dark side that draws us away from light (life).
However, in light we have life and in abundance. This is depicted on the right side of the painting where bright colours are used. We can see life in abundance depicted in fruits. The cross is a representation of faith that is our anchor as Christians. Through this faith we yield the fruits of the Holy Spirit (love, Joy, peace, gentleness, Long suffering, goodness and faith) that we receive when we are in Christ and equipped with Armor of God depicted in roots feeding from one source (the tree composed of Armor of God, cross and fruits). We can see as well the power of Trinity represented in the three bright arches with radiating like sunset rays from the East.
This full composition is a depiction of God’s Triumph and the Authority He gave us over the power of darkness (Satan).

How it fits into contest

The full composition is portraying God's Triumph and Authority He gave us over the power of darkness because we are not against the blood and flesh BUT we're against the rulers, authorities, darkness and spiritual forces of evil. The art work is depicting the tree composed of the cross representing faith that is our anchor as Christ, its composed of the full Armor of God from the top is the helmet of salvation appeared in white, breastplate of righteousness appeared in the joint of the cross in burnt sienna monochromes, the belt of truth buckled around the tree depicted in three colours red, blue and white, the shield of faith on the left side of the tree, sword of the spirit in white and grey colours assembled within the tree and down pointed and as well the readiness that comes from the gospel. The tree portrays that once you put on the full Armor of God your able to stand firm your ground and as well against the devil's schemes. In addition, you bear fruits of the Holy Spirit depicted at the branches of the the tree and down the tree representing roots feeding from one source showing that in God we bear signs of love, joy, worshiping, faith etc


all thanks to the Almighty God and the Holy spirits

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